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Sekadar nukilan hati kecil ku untuk tatapanmu

Assalamualaikum and Hye everyone.. How are u??? Sihat? Hopefully all ladies n gentlemens that read my blog sihat walafiat.. :) Today is my first day as a blogger ( not tegar lagi... just for fun :) ) So, my first entry, I want talk about.....ICE!! It is ICE BREAKING time!!! Oh! here have very nice weather, sunny day!!! Since today is my first day here, lets make it like the whether too!!

Salam Pekenalan I give to U guys :) Lets me introduce about me a little bit in this precious entry :) I am a girl teenager from Malaysia. I stay at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.. But I can't talk in Nogori's accent :) I'm early 20's at still study in UPM and taking course Bachelor Science (Hons.) major in Statistics... I have small family included my parents and 2 younger brothers that really loved bullied me ( because I'm shorter than them :( ) I truly easily falling in love with cats and I'm nature lover :) I love travelling and I wish, one day, I can fly over the world with my loved ones (Insya-Allah)... I also like reading and watching movie especially K-drama. I also like K-Pop such as 2PM, 2AM, Super Junior, Beast, Big Bang, CNBlue, FT Island, Girls' Generation, SHINee, Sistar, F(x) and many many more!!!

Question: Why I have this blog?? 
It all my friends fault!!! They have their own beautiful blogs and make me jealous and envy with them!!! :( Oh no!!! I leave behind!! Nevermind, I make my own here but I'm still newbie :) lastly, please treat me nice and I'm happily nice to know u guys.

p/s: Sorry for my 'rojak' english... I tried my best.. :)


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